Wedding Photography is not the first or only form of photography I have experienced. Yet, it is one of the photography type I enjoy the most. No lah, it is not because of the yummy wedding delicacies (swallowing saliva)... Really. It is because people express emotions more openly during a wedding. That is a big draw to me as a photographer as I would be able to capture images that are rich with expressions.

A great thing about being a wedding photographer in Singapore is that your clients come from many ethnic groups and nationalities. In one weekend, I could be photographing a Chinese wedding gatecrash, next I might be focusing my lens at an Indian wedding parade, followed by a Malay wedding, maybe even followed with an inter-racial wedding ceremony. Sometimes for wedding couples with different nationalities, I get to travel out of our motherland and document their weddings in exotic cities. After witnessing the different wedding customs and cultures, I find there are similarities in differences, and vice versa. Locals like me say “same same but not the same”. At a glance , all weddings seem to be similar with customs that seek blessings for the wedding couple, good food and reunions of families and friends, yet unique because of the individuality of the couples.

Every wedding couple has their own special wedding story to tell. I believe I should document their wedding in a way that highlights their individuality and tells the complete tale. Instead of solely focusing on the wedding couple’s point of view, some parts of the day could be narrated from different family members or guests. Instead of taking only the beautiful and peaceful parts of the day, I also like to include the anxious, and the not-so-glamorous parts. All the bits-n-pieces that make up their unique wedding day, preserved for them to look back and reminisce, for a lifetime to come.

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